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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
11:01 am
Day One
Welcome Squad Leaders! The DI House is the office of the senior Drill Instructor in USMC bootcamp, hence the reason for the name of this community.

This community serves a dual purpose:
(*)Report your squad's progress daily. Problems? Achievements? Rocky? Everything going smoothly? Need help or advice?
(*)Report how you're doing. We're following the bootcamp challenge just as the recruits are, only we're doing it together as officers and officer candidates.

Please note that I am always a resource for you and your squad. My e-mail address is ReignFreedom@msn.com and my AIM screen name is goldnscarlet.

Good luck!
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
7:12 am
For the morning
Squad Leaders from Squads One and Two have not yet reported. I'll go ahead and post the assignments for Wednesday and Thursday in Squad One and Two's Squadbay. Please report to your squad and make it known that you are the Squad Leader. Your title is Candidate Name. If you feel so inclined, you may also go to the other squads and introduce yourself, and allow those recruits to contact you if necessary.

Please make sure that assignments are posted at least 24 hours in advance. Recruits have come to bootcamp from all over the world and ample time to complete each task should be given to each and every recruit.

I'm working on the knowledge now. It'll be posted in your Squadbay shortly.
7:03 am
Updated Roll Call
Squad Leaders:

Here is your updated Roll Call. Anyone you have not heard from by Friday morning is to be discharged. Contact must then be made at least every 48 hours to avoid discharge.

Squad One
Squad Leader: Candidate LJ user: notaprettygirl_

1. xkongxweilix
2. perfectlyana
3. solidtea
4. susu1
5. luvana
6. miokiana
7. singerbinger
8. bunnybekah
9. _imissedthebus
10. pussymalone
11. xsalsa_sharkx
12. revanchedieu
13. tryamour_69
14. gyn
15. aliciamk
16. x_sparkey_x
17. yawagnippils
18. _strwbryscented

Squad Two
Squad Leader: Candidate LJ user: grace_stumbling

1. cybrapryncess
2. jacinth21
3. cara_de_angel
4. curioussquid
5. anorexicankles
6. mysizebarbi
7. perfectblight
8. trebleclef
9. tears_of_life
10. eatingair
11. nightkitten
12. spentpleasure
13. leighsalterego
14. astrozig
15. endlessanger
16. tear_stains
17. spusan

Squad Three
Squad Leader: Candidate LJ user: bipolardiva

1. ooartobeingoo
2. blueaquarius7
3. amourvrai12
4. livinfor130
5. loserishgirl
6. zipporah_82
7. xxximperfectxxx
8. silver_baby
9. chickybabe69
10. devilbleeding
11. _madeofdreams_
12. slit_wrists887
13. losing_my_mind
14. __roulette
15. __decay
16. loudnserene
17. cheerfulnude
Monday, January 5th, 2004
2:07 pm
...here we go!
Since we're starting late (I'm SO sorry about that!), the schedule will appear slightly differently:

(1) Forming: January 7
(2) Phase One: January 8 - 14
(3) Phase Two: January 15 – 21
(4) Phase Three: January 22 – 28
(5) Crucible: January 29 – part of 31
(6) Parting: January 31

Forming is the period of time when recruits are able to fall into the bootcamp lifestyle, for this will be a lifestyle. There are no punishments; only constructive criticism and guidance during this phase. The IST (Initial Strength Test), a pass or fail fitness exam, is administered. There is nothing wrong with failing the exam. It just gives us a baseline so we know what we’re working with and how to best improve our recruits. A chow (meal) plan is also devised during forming for each recruit.

Phase One is about Breaking Down False Barriers.
More than likely this phase will be the toughest. Recruits that are not used to lots of PT (Physical Training) will be in for a thrill. Reading and writing assignments will be given out like homework. Much will be expected, but if the squad bands together the challenge will be met.

During Phase I, if plans are not met, one of three actions will be taken:
The individual recruit will be assigned extra PT
The recruit and another random recruit will have more PT
The entire squad will have additional PT

While the latter courses of action may not seem fair, this is a team effort. If a recruit fails, the entire squad fails.

The reason for all consequences being PT related is Phase I is the break-down phase. We'll all seriously be questioning why we did this and if we can make it.

Please relay the following assignments to your recruits:
Jan 7
Today will not be very physically taxing; most of today will be spent preparing for Phase I so we can get started with the Bootcamp lifestyle. Instruct your recruits to read the Recruit's Knowledge Book (This "book" will be referred to as "knowledge")that will be posted by this evening in your Squad Bay. Reading and understanding the knowledge along with coming up with a chow plan and taking the IST (Initial Strength Test) will be the main tasks.
Assignments for today for recruits:
Read knowledge
Devise chow plan
Take IST

The IST is the initial strength test that all bootcamp participants much take. The IST consisits of:
1.5-mile timed run
curl-ups in 2 minutes (counted)
flexed-arm hang (FAH) or push-ups (timed or counted)

Passing scores are:
run in 15:00 or better
44 curl-ups or better
12 sec FAH or 25 push-ups

Explanation of exercises:
To perform a curlup a recruit takes the normal situp position with her feet either held or slid under a couch or the like. She grabs her biceps while keeping her arms against her chest. She comes up until her elbows touch her thighs and come down until her shoulderblades hit the deck. That counts as one repitition.

To perfom a flexed-arm hang (FAH) the recruit must find a suitable bar to hang from. She starts with her chin above the bar, gripping the bar with either both palms facing towards or away from her. The clock is started when her feet are removed from the support and ends when there is no more flexion in her arms. If a bar cannot be found, pushups may be substituted for the FAH. Roughly 2 pushups equal 1 FAH second.

Jan 8
Phase One</b>
Read http://usmilitary.about.com/library/milinfo/blmarinevalues.htm and discuss how the USMC Core Values can be carried over to civilian life and life in BootCamp
90 minutes cardio PT (exercise)
30 minutes toning/weights

These assignments should get everyone started. I'm off to work on the Knowledge Book. Please brief your recruits and present the assignments to them. I recommend keeping track of your recruits using an excel spreadsheet, but however you would like to do it is up to you. Report here daily with an overview of how your recruits are doing.
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